Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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Agro-Visions- A new VC fund offers international investors access to Israeli innovation and deal flow

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A new VC fund offers international investors access to Israeli innovation and deal flow

Within a few months of its establishment, Agro Visions has already invested in promising startups such as RumaFeed, a genetic editing provider optimizing potato haulm for livestock feed, ToBe, providing automated varroa control for varroa-free beekeeping, Treetoscope, developing precision irrigation through direct plant sensing, and Arugga, focusing on robots for individual greenhouse plant treatment and monitoring.

As the world’s population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, ensuring global food supply is becoming increasingly challenging. Agriculture, the oldest human activity, has seen limited technological advancements in recent decades, leaving ample room for Israeli innovation to gain ground and for the “Startup Nation” to become dominant in the Agro/HighTech revolution. Recognizing this opportunity, Agro Visions, a newly established VC fund, is offering international investors and VCs exclusive access to the transformative and sustainable potential of Israeli AgroTech and FoodTech startups.

Izhak Nakar

Dr. Ido Schechter
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Benefitting from proximity to the Israeli market and attentive to global needs, Agro Visions enjoys access to a sizeable pipeline of investment opportunities. By investing in Israeli AgroTech and FoodTech innovation, international investors and VCs can contribute to a more sustainable future in agriculture, addressing the growing challenges of food supply and ensuring a thriving planet for future generations.

Agro Visions, comprising founders from diverse backgrounds, prioritizes customer insights and product-market fit as critical factors of success. The fund’s innovative model encompasses investment expertise, scientific breakthroughs, and direct access to farmers and end customers. Partnering with Bikurey Hasade, Israel’s leading fresh produce distributor, Agro Visions can rapidly validate product-market fit, pilot cutting-edge technologies, and conduct real-world retail testing. This invaluable knowledge helps investors thoroughly evaluate the viability, impact and ROI of potential solutions.

The three managing partners of Agro Visions form a strong investment team, each bringing a unique perspective. Izhak Nakar, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, leads a privately held VC specializing in early-stage cyber security and tech startups. Dr. Ido Schechter, an AgroTech expert and HighTech veteran with a Ph.D. in plant physiology, established and managed a VC fund investing in agricultural technologies developed at a Hebrew University. Ilan Sheva, Chairman and CEO of Bikurey Hasade, closely collaborates with farmers to understand market needs while leading Israel’s largest distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Agro Visions seeks to revolutionize agriculture through disruptive Israeli-based technologies that reimagine food and feed production, enhance agricultural efficiency, and promote sustainability. The fund is interested in technologies such as robots, drones, precise water management, IoT sensors and AI-powered analytics. Continuously scouting for the latest breakthroughs, Agro Visions serves investors and VCs seeking vetted opportunities for seed and pre-seed co-investment and fund-to-fund collaborations.

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