Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Clean Energy, Food waste, Sustainability, Waste Management

Clean energy

Using Waste to Fight Climate Change

Meet HomeBiogas, a company whose innovative waste-to-resource systems create an abundance of clean energy while reducing GHG emissions.

HomeBiogas is globally known for its easy-to-use biogas systems, which enable
individuals, families and businesses to turn their organic waste into self-made, on-
site clean energy. This clean energy comes in the form of biogas used for cooking
and bio-fertilizer that enhances soil health and promotes better crop yields.

Since its inception in 2012, HomeBiogas has impacted thousands of households,
farmers, businesses and underserved communities in over 100 countries worldwide.
From India and Kenya to El Salvador and the Pacific Islands, the company's
dedicated teams implement sustainable impact projects that promote clean cooking,
food security, sanitation and environmental protection.

With the HomeBiogas system, households gain easy access to a renewable energy
source, which allows them to stop cooking with propane, coal, wood, or natural gas.
By eliminating polluting cooking fuels, our systems reduce deforestation and
eliminate indoor air pollution that causes over 3.8 million premature deaths every

Our systems also promote sustainable agricultural by helping farmers and
gardeners create their very own organic Bio-fertilizers, which improve soil fertility and
crop productivity. By producing bio-fertilizer from organic waste, farmers are able to
minimize their reliance on chemical solutions that harm the environment.

Addressing Climate Change

As a leading developer of innovative waste-to-resource systems, we are proud to be
among the many Israel-based companies taking action against climate change.

The clean cooking gas generated by our systems serves as an alternative to the
CO2-emitting fossil fuels that are commonly used for cooking. Yet our fight against
climate change is measured not only by the ability to create clean energy, but also by
the organic waste that fed into the systems. Organic waste decomposition in landfills
is a leading cause for methane emissions that fuels climate change. Our on-site
organic waste treatment replaces landfills with a controlled environment that
prevents the emission of methane into the atmosphere. Instead, the methane
becomes biogas that is effectively utilized as clean energy on-site.

Our Impact

HomeBiogas is an active player in the global effort to enable a zero waste and net-
zero GHG emission world. As detailed in our latest ESG & Impact report, in 2022 our
systems have abated 125,475 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, while saving
196,547 trees in developing countries. In 2022, the organic waste fed into our
systems has generated 26,265,765 hours of clean cooking gas and produced
454,277,668 litres of rich bio-fertilizer.

Our vision is to transform the world of waste into a resource that can better our lives
today and our planet tomorrow. As we focus on improving the health and livelihood
of families and farmers worldwide, protecting our forests and atmosphere is one of
our most important objectives.

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