Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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EZMEMS – Edge Multi-Sensing Technology

EZMEMS – Edge Multi-Sensing Technology

High-Performance Data & Sensor Fusion in FoodTech, AgroTech and Water Systems

EZMEMS converts a bulky integration of a bundle of expensive packaged sensors into a fully integrated high-performance multi-sensing system in a single device

EZMEMS is revolutionizing situational awareness with its disruptive edge multi-sensing technology. In Foodtech, Agrotech and Water systems, situational awareness requires high-performance data and sensor fusion from critical points in the process, known as edge points. Traditional sensing solutions are often bulky and expensive, making integration challenging where it matters most.

EZMEMS’ multisensor for fluids (pressure, flow, temperature, turbidity, conductivity, and pH)

EZMEMS offers a sustainable and low-cost approach to the fabrication, integration, and connectivity of high-performance and versatile sensors that sense multiple physical parameters in one device. This results in a compact, connected, and cost-effective solution that transmits high-quality data and sensor fusion from the edge points of the system. EZMEMS’ disruptive edge multi-sensing technology enables deterministic, reliable, and versatile sensing of multiple physical parameters at the edge points of systems. This opens up new possibilities for cost-effective and high-quality analytics and AI solutions.


Our mission is to extract high quality data by edge multi sensing to enable cost-effective and high-quality analytics and AI solutions

EZMEMS’ edge multi-sensing technology features exceptional measurement performance and robustness, combined with advanced connectivity. This allows for seamless integration into existing systems, facilitating reliable and high-performance sensing of multiple physical parameters. The result is a cost-effective analytical framework that empowers various industries to leverage top-tier AI solutions and gain valuable insights from the collected data.

EZMEMS can digitize almost any application by integrating sensing, connectivity, power and edge analytics

EZMEMS is developing disruptive multi-sensing and connectivity solutions for fluids, capable of measuring pressure, flow, temperature, turbidity, conductivity, and pH in a single low-cost device. These sensors facilitate monitoring fluid quality and system performance and are designed for easy handling and replacement.

Through strategic partnerships, EZMEMS collaborates with leading companies, seamlessly integrating its cutting-edge edge multi-sensing technology into their FoodTech, AgroTech, and WaterTech systems. The extraction of high-quality data and sensor fusion ensures the generation of critical and meaningful insights for quality management, performance, and efficiency, making it an indispensable solution for mission-critical applications.


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