Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Agriculture & water

Israel’s AgroTech Sector

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Next-Generation AI Technology

Leaf-level image recognition algorithms enhance revenues of food processors, agro retailers and chemical companies

336 AgroTech companies are active these days in Israel. Out of them, 15 companies are either merged or acquired companies. About 38% of these companies are already at the stage of Initial revenues, 44% are in R&D stage and 8% have reached the revenue growth. 10% of the AgroTech companies in Israel are still in seed stage.

From humble beginnings in a region that was dominated by desert, Israeli farmers began to grow food amidst difficult conditions, but yet succeeded in overcoming the odds. Today, it has set benchmarks in converting arid land to agricultural land, in setting up new methodologies in supplying water for agriculture through drip irrigation, creation of precision agriculture that controls the amounts of water, fertilizers and minerals that must be added to the plants, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in field work, the assistance of unmanned aerial vehicles to control herds and crops and much more.

Alongside these innovative practices, multiple new technologies have been introduced to grow more food, create hybrid fruits and vegetables, increase productivity, increase shelf life and to introduce new and innovative methods of processing food.

Today, Israeli farming and agricultural methods serve as a standard bearer on a global scale: many countries have adopted these practices and have acquired Israeli consultancy and technology in agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, meat production including meat substitutes, as well as in methods of water sequestration, recycling and desalination.

Of the companies in the AgroTech sector, 81% are proper agricultural companies9% , of them are part of the Cleantech sector and 9% of them are Life Sciences companies. Capital raised by these companies has grown from US$18 million in 2014 to US$66 million in 2021 and US$60 million in 2022. Records over the last ten years have shown an average of 3 to 4 start-up companies launched each year in the sector.

Source: IVC-Online


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