Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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OASIS Networks: Doing Good, with Satellite

OASIS Networks: Doing Good, with Satellite

OASIS Networks offers versatile and flexible Satellite deploy that enables rapid connectivity and highly suitable for disaster communications

OASIS Networks: Constant presence in the field

Photos: OASIS Networks

By Nimrod Kapon (*)

It’s not always talked about widely, but satellite technology is an important part of any critical communications portfolio. Though often still viewed as a niche form of connectivity, it offers unique capabilities and is quietly helping to make the world a better place.

Satellite can be deployed anywhere and offers versatile and flexible connectivity that is rapidly deployable, making it highly suitable for disaster communications. However, getting the terminals to the affected areas and ensuring that they are deployed rapidly, configured and then maintained, takes a dedicated team of professionals that are available to deploy whenever and wherever they are needed.

Communications are critical for first responders, NGOs and governmental units for exchange of information in order to mobilise the necessary assistance. Once help has been sought, satellite provides the link between NGO mobile or field offices and their HQ or to provide inter-agency communications and to the affected local population.

Satellite also plays an important role in bridging the digital divide, because it’s capable of providing affordable connectivity in areas where terrestrial networks are unfeasible, opening up greater opportunities to communities.

Boots on the Ground

Finding the right technology partner is vital because selling satellite capacity alone is not enough. For many, services are operated remotely, and this can create bottlenecks when trying to resolve inevitable challenges that arise on-site.

This is where OASIS Networks is different. We are focused on providing literally boots on the ground. There are a number of benefits to this approach. Firstly, there are significant cost savings as personnel do not need to be flown around the globe to attend often remote and hard-to-reach sites. Equipment is more also likely to be available nearby, thus avoiding costly shipping costs. Delays are avoided because engineers are closer by and able to get to the site rapidly.

In addition, as locals, these engineers will be familiar with the area, in terms of geographical, regulatory and even cultural considerations and can quickly respond and resolve problems relating to installation and repair requests. This local presence and knowledge on the ground can help to resolve even the most difficult logistical problems. Our teams have a constant presence on the sites where they work, they know the situation and understand every aspect of what has happened and what action has been taken to solve communication challenges. This is invaluable to the community and any outside agencies involved.

What’s more, by developing and enhancing local teams, and providing them with the equipment, training, knowledge, and the tools needed to install and maintain VSAT systems, people and communities are empowered.


(*) The author is the Founder and CEO, OASIS Networks

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