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Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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ParaZero Technologies: “Developing the future of UAS safety technology”

ParaZero Technologies: “Developing the future of UAS safety technology”

The CEO of ParaZero Technologies, Boaz Shetzer, tells us about the company's efforts to solve the drone industry’s greatest challenge: ensuring safety through mitigating operational risk

Photos: ParaZero Technologies

Hello audience, we are here with our distinguished guest, ParaZero Technologies (Nasdaq: PRZO) CEO, Boaz Shetzer, to discuss some topics concerning drones, including drone safety, advanced drone technology, and ParaZero’s future as a Nasdaq-listed (PRZO) drone company.

Boaz, as ParaZero CEO, you deal with a myriad of drone technologies relating to safety as well as drone technology, in general.  Can you tell us a bit about how ParaZero was started and where the company is now?

Sure, a pleasure to be here. ParaZero was founded in 2013 by a group of aviation professionals, together with veteran drone industry operators, to solve the drone industry’s greatest challenge: ensuring safety through mitigating operational risk. ParaZero’s core competencies include the custom design, development, integration, testing, and certification of parachute recovery systems and flight termination systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft, across a range of weight classes, varying in size from 1kg to 1,000kg.


Can you share a bit about your future plans regarding product development or key company focuses?

ParaZero has a history of designing field-proven, widely deployed safety technology for our global customers across a large array of use cases. As a company, we have an ambitious R&D and product development roadmap, of which we are in the final integration and testing stage. This includes the incorporation of highly advanced AI features and functionalities for a range of aircraft, relevant for commercial drones, urban air mobility, drone delivery, and defense applications.


We would like to congratulate you on your recent IPO on Nasdaq, now trading under the symbol PRZO.  Since the IPO, how has your outlook changed, and how have your plans and execution changed? 

Thank you, and this is an interesting question.  I would start by saying that since recently raising two rounds of capital, we continuously operate with the mindset of being the best steward as possible with our raised capital.

We are busy working on developing the future of drone safety technology; this is where our R&D capital will help us develop the future of where we envision the industry heading to reach the highest levels of aircraft safety possible.  Additionally, we are working on designing and bringing to market the most in-demand safety systems for our global commercial off-the-shelf segment across 50+ countries.

Continuous product innovation, continuous improvement, new product development, and all other key areas of company functions continue to drive us forward into the next chapter of our journey as a public company creating enabling, product-solving, value added products and technologies.


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