Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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Profit Agro

Year-Round Cultivation of High-Quality Produce: Profit Agro's Hydroponic Solutions

Profit Agro, a pioneering force in the realm of deep-water hydroponic farming, exemplifies the perfect fusion of industry expertise, seasoned experience, and innovative technology. Over the years, the company has successfully implemented hundreds of hydroponic projects across the globe, bringing the promise of advanced cultivation capabilities to varied climatic conditions.

The method of cultivating plants in water ponds represents a groundbreaking approach that eliminates the need for soil. In this system, plants are directly fed essential minerals via a nutrient solution introduced into the ponds. This technique reduces reliance on soil quality, enabling farming even in challenging environments.

Coupling this technology with the company’s vast experience in tailoring optimal climate systems to specific geographical locations and crop types allows for the year-round cultivation of high-quality produce and a steady supply to the market.

With a notable portfolio of proven projects, the company’s expert team not only devises customized solutions based on geographic location, climatic conditions and crop types but also provides all-encompassing support throughout the project’s lifecycle.

From the hot deserts to the northernmost countries

A key strength of Profit Agro lies in its diverse capabilities and the suite of solutions it offers, effectively addressing conditions from the hot deserts of the Middle East to the northernmost countries. With a track record of overcoming a range of climatic challenges, Profit Agro leads the way in hydroponic water pond cultivation, a model undoubtedly shaping the future of sustainable agriculture and the quest for a secure supply of fresh produce worldwide.

Having successfully carried out hundreds of unique projects, each one melding science, technology, and innovation, Profit Agro has not only boosted local agricultural capacities but also significantly contributed to socio-economic development and the availability of fresh produce most of the year. This aligns perfectly with the global trend towards healthier nutrition food and the necessity of fresh, leafy vegetables for human well-being.

Profit Agro is also dedicated to sustainable practices. Deepwater pond hydroponic systems cut water usage by 70%, decrease soil pollution from fertilizers and reduce the need for harmful pesticides. Consequently, the company not only ensures a greater yield but also significantly contributes to environmental preservation.

Further showcasing its commitment to continuous improvement, Profit Agro’s R&D department ceaselessly works on enhancing system efficiency and investigating new hydroponic pond applications for regions lacking consistent access to fresh leafy greens throughout the year. In conclusion, Profit Agro, with its wealth of project experience, stands as an unrivaled authority in hydroponic water farming for sustainable agriculture, leading the charge in the global transformation of agricultural practices. Whether you’re an established farmer, a budding grower, or a visionary investor, Profit Agro offers a plethora of opportunities for you to take up.

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Profit-Agro LTD

Mr Henan Matan

PO Box 68 100, Jerusalem St., Afula, 1825100, Israel


Phone: +972-4-6599110


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