Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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R.R. Systems: Providing medical care for pregnant women from the Maasai tribe

R.R. Systems: Providing medical care for pregnant women from the Maasai tribe

Israeli Medtech Company in Cooperation with an Emirati Startup Assists Kenyan child birthing Doctor deep in the Savannah

Dr. Nampaso’s clinic

Photo: R.R Systems

By: Billie Besserglick


In times when Israel is shaken by war, lifesaving is not only inspirational but reshapes the world for the better.

An Israeli company, R.R. Systems, brought groundbreaking technology while forming a partnership with Abu Dhabi entrepreneur Khalaf Alfalasi, to establish ezMedSoft jointly.

The partnership is a testament to the Abraham Accords, a pioneer in collaborations between Israel and the Emirates, and the outcome of a dream becoming reality.

 ezMedSoft develops software for managing medical centers worldwide, leveraging R.R. Systems’s technology. The company has contributed a highly advanced system for managing electronic medical records alongside a laser printer to Dr. Dan Siminitei Nampaso from the Maasai Tribe in Kenya. At the same time, other Israeli donors contributed a laptop and an ultrasound device.


Mariam Alfalasi, CEO, ezMedSoft: “It’s both a privilege and an honor to engage in offering our technology to assist the Maasai community. ezMedSoft’s team was enthusiastic about contributing to this initiative, aiming to connect communities in need with global medical experts and professors”.


Israeli activist Debi Sagi, who visited the Maasai Tribe for activities with local women in September 2023, is responsible for driving ezMedSoft’s support. The goal, which was realized, was to assist in managing Dr. Nampaso’s clinic. As an ob-gyn, Dr. Nampaso delivers babies and provides pregnant women in the Maasai Tribe with medical care.

“We exited a basic clinic and entered an advanced, upgraded facility applying technologies previously inaccessible in this area. Lives can be saved, deaths prevented” said Debi Sagi. Sagi is a retired high-ranked civil servant. She is currently deeply embedded in social philanthropy activities. “Other than several treatment beds and a table, there was nothing in the clinic. I contacted R.R. Systems, which called on its Emirati partner. Together they decided to update Dr. Nampaso’s clinic immediately, and recruited senior medical experts to provide Dr. Nampaso with medical telementoring”.

Carine Zaroni Goldman, CMO & BizDev, sums up: “We are proud of having been chosen to assist in bringing life to those who struggle to provide what is easily accessible and self-evident to us by leveraging Israeli technology and excellent cooperation with our Emirati partner. The people that are empowered are the Maasai Tribe which can now bring new life into the world in a far safer manner, in a protected space – from Israel, via the Emirates, and together bring these wonderful options to Kenya”.


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