Connecting Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting Israeli Innovation to the World

Winbond memory components prevent malicious software updates

Software solutions have inherent security weaknesses – which our hardware resolves

Winbond memory components are installed in connected devices, prevent malicious software updates and guarantee component authenticity

At a time when cyber-attacks are on the increase, affecting governments, sensitive facilities like water, electricity and health, and commercial, research and private entities, the importance of information security is paramount. Winbond, a global memory company, enables security at the base of every system connected to the Internet: the memory components.


A critical layer of protection

Nir Tasher, CTO and Chief Architect at Winbond Israel, which develops and markets secure memory components through Winbond’s global marketing channels, explains that “almost every electronic device is connected to the network today – smart home accessories, consumer and entertainment devices, and even ovens and refrigerators. Not to mention the more critical corporate and industrial computer systems as well as infrastructure facilities”.

“Our memory components are designed to replace regular memory components and add a critical layer of protection against attacks that come from the network – either bored hackers, or hostile governments and organizations. Software solutions have weaknesses that can be exploited, and therefore we are focusing on a hardware solution to strengthen the defense capability of the systems.”

According to Tasher, “One of the main weaknesses of the systems that exist today, whether in vehicles, home systems or on the cell phone, is that they are introduced with non-final software, requiring software updates that are installed “over the air” from time to time. These updates are a critical security vulnerability.

“The process of updating an operating system or software is sensitive, because it can be exploited to introduce threats into the system. Our components ensure that the code that arrives is authentic i.e. has not undergone any changes and is not fake – thus defending the system from cyber-attacks.


Post-quantum algorithms

“Another well-known attack is on the supply chain. As soon as a part of the system comes from a foreign country, there is a risk that counterfeit items or parts with malicious capabilies have replaced the original components. Once these components are installed in the system and start working, the same malevolent party can use them to remotely spy or even cause damage. Our components have the ability to verify their identity cryptographically, to ensure that these are original components, guaranteed to only include the client’s software and have not undergone any changes.”

Tasher explains: “The installation of our components protects the customer today, but also in the long term. For this purpose, we use post-quantum algorithms – whose encryption cannot be cracked even with quantum computers. Whether you are planning a new system or your system was designed a year, two or five years ago, and you realize that it cannot deal with the current cyber threats, we invite you to contact us and find out how you can reach the highest level of protection”.

Nir Tesher

Nir Tasher, CTO and Chief Architect at Winbond Israel

Photo courtesy of Winbond


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