Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World

A global hub for climate technologies

Israeli Climatech: One-stop solution to climate change

With the most advanced solutions to the challenges of global climate change being developed here, the world is looking at Israel to play a significant role

Hila Lipman


The growing concern and awareness of the consequences of the climate crisis are reflected in the latest decisions taken at climate conferences – from the Paris Agreement to Sharm El Sheikh. It is no doubt that the impact and pressure of public opinion have led international corporations and governments around the world to publicly and officially commit to targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while making massive investments in the transition to renewable energies. The prevailing consensus today among scientists and policy makers is the urgent need to reduce GHG emissions by about 50 per cent by 2030, and to zero by 2050, with the goal of not exceeding the threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. 

 At the same time, it is agreed that technological innovation must be harnessed in order to successfully face the undeniable consequences of global warming. This innovation must be channeled into two parallel paths: adaptation (adaptation to environmental conditions) and mitigation (reducing climate change by different means). This understanding has given rise to a new area called Climatech, which brings together a variety of climate-oriented technologies – from renewable energies, through Food and Agtech, to green construction techniques. 

This is where Israel enters the arena as a global hub for the development of new climate technologies. Some of these technologies have successfully passed the commercialization stage and some are still in the R&D stages, while holding a promising business potential. This is especially true considering the apparent gap between what the world needs at this time, in terms of technologies and climate innovation, and what we currently have in practice. The technologies that are being developed in Israel will be able to provide practical solutions to countries, government agencies and commercial companies which have committed to reducing greenhouse gases. For these stake holders, the Israeli Climatech industry is a promising venture of great potential, both to invest and collaborate with, for the purpose of accelerating the global markets’ position to Net Zero.

Solutions at the forefront of technology

Many climate-oriented companies are operating in Israel today, presenting solutions at the forefront of technology. Take for example the company GenCell, which produces electrical solutions based on hydrogen fuel cells. The company’s scientists have developed a process in which electricity can be generated from hydrogen without emitting greenhouse gases. This breakthrough makes it possible to provide the first green primary energy solution for off-grid industries, at a lower cost than other polluting solutions.

We are also witnessing impressive developments in the field of infrastructure. For example, a company called Criaterra develops green products for the construction sector, which are produced using a revolutionary method that reduces about 90 per cent the energy inputs in the production stages and can be fully recycled. This way a 15-storey building that will be built out of Criaterra blocks, instead of standard concrete blocks, may save up to 800,000 kilograms of Co2 emissions.

 In the field of Waste Management, we can mention the company HomeBiogas, which specializes in treating organic waste at its source, and turning it into renewable energy available to the customer. The company’s unique biogas systems reduce up to six tons of Co2-eq per year in the home system and up to tens of tons of Co2-eq per year in the institutional system.

A significant part of these companies is operating globally, and some have been making their first steps towards exporting. The common feature for both types of companies is the huge technological potential in scaling, and their promising contribution to the purpose of emission reduction. Therefore, what is currently required at the macro level is to remove regulatory barriers for those companies, while encouraging capital investments in the field and supporting their R&D efforts – especially in the initial stages. Our individual role as the Israeli Export Institute is to assist those companies in scaling, by creating business opportunities around the world and locating potential markets and customers. This includes designated business activities with companies and corporations abroad, exposure events of the Israeli climate tech industry to the world, organizing professional conferences and more.



Bringing forward business opportunities in the Climatech field

Prominent examples of such business activity were evident during the world’s most significant summit on climate change, COP27, which took place last November at Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt.

During this conference, the Israel Export Institute, in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, held Israel’s main business event. The event showcased the most advanced Israeli solutions to the challenges of global climate change, with the focus being on Energy, Water scarcity, Agriculture & Food-tech. It brought together governmental entities, investors, and multinational corporations from around the world, all of which got acquainted with the innovative Israeli technologies in these spheres, and explored future collaborations and joint ventures.

Following the successful event at COP27, which was attended by more than 40 Israeli Climatech companies and over 300 participants overall, the IEI is planning, along with its partners, to hold the next main Israeli business event at COP28. This summit will take place this year at the UAE. And just like last time, this year the focus will be on bringing forward the business opportunities in the Climatech field with B2B meetings between the Israeli companies and the international stakeholders, in order to facilitate an open dialogue to explore potential synergies.

This is, of course, just one example, and there are many more. However, the principle is clear: through integrated support for innovative start-up companies, alongside the creation of business opportunities around the world, we can practically support the enormous business potential embodied in the Israeli Climatech industry.


Hila Lipman is the head of the Cleantech and Smart Infrastructure sector at the Israel Export Institute. The institute is a partner in the climate forum initiated by the Israeli president, with the aim of representing the needs of the Israeli climate tech industry in the global markets, in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.


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