Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
Connecting the Israeli Innovation to the World
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Sensoil- Realtime Environmental Monitoring and Groundwater Protection

Safeguarding Groundwater

Realtime Environmental Monitoring and Groundwater Protection

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Realtime Environmental Monitoring and Groundwater Protection

The recent 2023 World Bank Water Report states that “Groundwater underpins the development of agriculture, cities, and critical ecosystems”.
Despite numerous discussions about the world’s main natural source of water, proactive groundwater management, recharge and protection are significantly lacking.
In an era of climate change, where groundwater, environmental sustainability and responsible resource management are paramount, Sensoil’s solution generates and provides operational data and analyses for the management and protection of the earth’s most important natural water resource: groundwater.

Installation of Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) sleeve

Proactive Decision-Making for Groundwater Protection

At the core of Sensoil’s proven solution lies the Vadose-zone Monitoring System™ (VMS), which unlocks unprecedented potential for pre-emptive groundwater contamination prevention.
Equipped with sampling units and advanced real-time data collection instrumentation, VMS provides critical hydrological and chemical information on water percolation velocities and contamination migration fluxes in the unsaturated zone.
Sensoil’s samples, data and analyses offer unparalleled insights into potential contamination processes in the subsurface above the aquifer before they occurs.


Harnessing the Power of VMS Data Analysis

Sensoil goes beyond conventional monitoring systems by placing utmost importance on data analysis. The ability to access and interpret VMS data through the cloud-based application equips stakeholders with powerful decision-making tools. Sensoil’s data analysis enatles early detection, effective mitigation strategies, and timely interventions, empowering industries and regulatory bodies to implement preventive measures before contamination poses a threat to aquifer quality.

Sensoil’s VMS is implemented in diverse applications including: Groundwater Research, Management and Protection; Agritech; Earthen Dam Safety; Land and PFAS Remediation and Smart Mining.


Recognized as an “Early-Warning” Tool

VMS is recommended by government and regulatory agencies worldwide. Over 150 systems have been installed spanning five continents. Research institutions; national water bodies; industrial corporations; engineering companies and governments rely on Sensoil’s robust technology.

Sampling via VMS Control Panel at Denmark’s National PFAS remediation testing site.
Sensoil is a partner in the EU funded SCENARIOS consortium

Is the Invisible Visible?

Protecting groundwater and preserving the environment becomes a tangible and cost-effective reality with Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System™.
In 2022, UNESCO and the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC), led the “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible” campaign. This is exactly what Sensoil does, and enables you to do too!


Innovation Steeped in Research

A culmination of over 15 years of research, Sensoil’s technology heralds the era of accessible environmental monitoring, fostering sustainability and responsible water resource management. As an IT company, Sensoil Innovations has harnessed sub-surface technologies developed at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, led by co-founders Prof. Ofer Dahan and David Waxman.



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